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    TEXAS homecare provider

    Getting Started Checklist

    You have your HHAeXchange login credentials and are ready to get started--now what? We've created a checklist of the first steps you should take to set your agency up for success.

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    STEP 1

    Set Up User Accounts

    As a first step, review existing user accounts and create new user accounts for any additional agency members that will be using the HHAeXchange portal. Please note, users must first complete HHAeXchange system training, pass the required testing, and receive a certificate of completion. Users should provide the certificate of completion to the agency admin for account creation and to receive login access to the HHAeXchange portal.

    Watch the Administration training video

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    STEP 2

    Service Providers

    Check to validate that service providers have been created in the system and that the information on the profile page is correct. If not, the service provider will need to be added. Once a service provider is in the system, validate the EVV method to be used by the service provider. If mobile app, then ask service provider to download the HHAeXchange+ mobile app. Next, send your service providers their Mobile Application Access code so they may login to the app and use it as their method for EVV. If IVR, please provide time and attendance pin. Tasks for Alternative Device users are outlined in step 5 below. Note: All three of these EVV Clock In and Clock Out methods may be used interchangeably. Please see link below on how to add or search for Service Providers and generate the necessary codes.

    Learn how to manage Service Providers in this interactive demonstration

    Watch the training video on Service Provider management

    STEP 3

    Verify Data

    HHAeXchange is continuing to work with Vesta and Authenticare to import your historical data with the primary focus being on 1 year of historical visit data, member, service provider, and authorization information. Upon logging into your new HHAeXchange portal, your agency should review the areas listed below to ensure accuracy and make any necessary corrections.

    If you are missing any of the data below, please do not reach out to HHAeXchange support as we are continuing to import data. If you see any missing or incorrect data in your HHAeXchange portal, please feel free to manually enter or update data directly in the portal.

    You can review this document to understand what data is in scope for the data load, what data is out of scope, and the imported default values that you are able to manually update. Any data manually entered will not be overwritten if the converted record is imported at a later date.  If you do not see your member or authorization data by 9/25/2023, we recommend you begin entering your data as needed.


    • Members – Validate that members have been created in the application. If a member is not imported by 9/25/2023, please create member, contract, and authorization information. For members existing in the system, please go to member page and validate information on the following tabs: General, Payers, Profile, Auth/Orders, and Calendar. The calendar will show the imported confirmed visit data.
    • Authorizations – Go to the “Auth/Orders” tab under member page, view if authorization is there and the information is correct. If provider is intending to bill through HHAeXchange, please verify diagnosis code is on the authorization or if not there, it needs to be added.

    Learn more in the interactive demonstration

    STEP 4


    This is optional for providers who utilize schedules. Future schedules are not part of the imported data so if your agency utilizes scheduling, these will need to be created. As soon as members and service providers are in the application, you can begin creating the schedules. The HHAeXchange portal supports multiple schedule types: daily fixed, daily variable, weekly variable, and no schedule. When members have a regular schedule, it is recommended to set up a Master Week or a rolling schedule. The link below will walk you through the scheduling options.

    Learn more in the interactive demonstration

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    STEP 5

    Activate Alternative Devices

    If you have members requiring an alternative device for EVV purposes, be sure to first associate the device with the member and then secure it in member’s home.

    To order Alternative Devices for EVV, complete the Alternative Device order form. Please Note: After submitting the form you should receive an email confirming your order. If you have not received this email, you order has not been received. Please submit the form again.

    [Agency Guide] Activating and De-Activating Alternative Devices

    [Service Provider Guide] Getting Started Guide for Service Providers

    Step 6

    Download the HHAeXchange+ Mobile App

    All Service Providers in Texas will be using the HHAeXchange+ Mobile App for mobile Electronic Visit Verification (EVV). Service Providers will need to install the app to their personal mobile devices. 

    To download the app, click this link for the App Store or this link for Google Play Store.

    If searching for the app in your device’s app store, be sure to include the plus sign as a part of the search (HHAeXchange+) and confirm that you are downloading the HHAeXchange+ app, not the HHAeXchange app.

    For a step-by-step overview the mobile app, explore the HHAeXchange+ Mobile App User Guide.

    Check out the Mobile App Marketing Guide that includes tools to help your agency promote the app, a printable poster to help service providers download the app, training materials, and a troubleshooting guide.

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    Step 7

    Add Service Code Rates

    This is optional and only needed for providers using HHAeXchange for billing. Agencies may have many different service code rates by payer contract or agency office. HHAeXchange allows you to easily add and manage rates. Please make sure that all contract rates are added into the application for the services provided.

    Watch the Rate Management training here

    Learn more in the interactive demonstration