Improve patient outcomes and empower your caregivers with HHAeXchange’s value-based care tool: Care Insights.

As the healthcare industry moves to a value-based care approach, homecare providers need timely, cost-effective ways to monitor member trends, capture critical change-of-condition information, and track the quality metrics that correlate with value-based payments and improved member outcomes.

HHAeXchange offers homecare providers an innovative, easy-to-use value-based care tool that empowers caregivers to record value-based care observations upon visit clock-out.

Key Features:

  • Customizable value-based care questions
  • Full-scale reporting via the Value Based Care Alerts Dashboard
  • Comprehensive monitoring of member health trends
  • Available in multiple languages


“We get immediate notifications if there are any negative changes in a patient’s health based on a caregiver’s response or observation, so we can take action right away if a patient’s condition is worsening.”

- All Metro Health Care