Spotlight on EVV Implementations:
What’s Working and What’s Not in 2021

Now that the January 1, 2021 Cures Act deadline for EVV implementation has passed, payers and providers are focused on best practices for ensuring long-term EVV success.

Christie Watson, HHAeXchange’s VP and General Manager of Payer Solutions, and Mollie Murphy, Co-founder of Annkissam, share their insights into the current state of the industry and how to improve EVV adoption. Their discussion was moderated by The National EVV Association (NEVVA)’s Executive Director, Mark Dillon.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • Benefits to EVV implementation thus far
  • Current obstacles to EVV implementation, and how payers & providers can address them
  • How states with self-direction programs are managing EVV requirements
  • How to ensure your EVV solution doesn’t erode the principles of self-direction
  • Keys to EVV success