Improve Health Outcomes with Timely Member Observations

HHAeXchange Care Insights for Payers allows caregivers to leverage technology during care visits in members’ homes while maintaining workflow efficiency and capturing health-related observations.

Through seamless integration with existing MCO processes, our technology captures in-home change in condition alerts and SDOH observations, creating additional visibility over time at the member and population levels.

With this collection of timely observations, care management teams can reduce adverse, costly events such as emergency room visits, hospital admissions, and skilled nursing facility admissions. They can also monitor risk escalations, report social determinants of health (SDOH) data, and improve health outcomes for their homecare populations.


  • Leverages caregivers’ frequent engagement with members
  • Reinforces improvements in quality of care by early identification and mitigation of risk factor
  • Empowers caregivers with a structured environment to document change in condition and elevate member engagement
  • Supports payers’ care intervention programs, both internally and through vendors
  • Reduces cost of care and 911 calls by preventing avoidable medical events with timely alerts


  • Ability to integrate and aggregate change in condition/member observation information used by third-party solutions
  • Evaluation of caregiver engagement and reporting accuracy
  • Customizable cohort configuration and question libraries tailored to the needs of each member or cohort
  • Data collection at the point of care across your entire network
  • Real-time transmission to the broader care team
  • Alerts-management workflows for varying levels of observations including high-severity that warrants timely care team interventions
  • Dedicated business intelligence suite for ease of monitoring and population health analytics