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    October Product Pulse

    Product Pulse is a monthly product webinar series where you’ll hear the latest and greatest HHAeXchange product news and what it means for you.

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    Discover the most exciting new updates from the September and October releases and uncover tips & tricks from an HHAeXchange product expert. This month, we spotlight common billing holds – and how to fix them.

    In this 20 minute session, we'll cover:

    1. Quick Fixes for Billing Holds: Discover how to swiftly address billing holds and accelerate your payment process. We guide you through the most common billing holds and how to fix them, ensuring a steady cash flow for your agency.  
    2. New Features and Functionality: See the value of select features from our recent September and October product releases. We show you how these enhancements can streamline your operations and boost your efficiency.
    3. An Interactive Q&A Session: Have questions or unique challenges? Joey Hamilton, CSM at HHAeXchange, answers questions from the audience.