Increased Visibility & Transparency

HHAeXchange offers an industry-leading Business Intelligence dashboard that provides MCOs with actionable operational and business insights. With real-time monitoring tools offering a window into their provider networks, MCOs can more effectively interact with providers for increased efficiency and compliance - driving better-informed business decisions.


One-Stop Claims Processing

With HHAeXchange, MCOs can streamline homecare management with a pre-bill scrubbing tool, reducing denials and ensuring clean and compliant claims. Our easy-to-use platform offers one-stop claims processing, meaning payers can easily onboard and connect with thousands of providers.


Improve Member Outcomes

HHAeXchange provides the technology infrastructure to collect real-time patient data in the home that can be used to more effectively manage member care. Using our innovative Value-Based Care tool, providers can take action to avoid potential hospitalizations, and payers can track the metrics that correlate with improved member outcomes.