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    Congratulations to our Homecare Heroes!


    Last month, we encouraged our customers to nominate a caregiver who goes above and beyond in their role. We received many fantastic nominations, but among the sea of exceptional caregivers, these ten stand out from the crowd. They have each been awarded $500 as a token of our appreciation for their outstanding commitment to quality homecare.

    Learn more about the ten winners of the 2023 HHAeXchange Homecare Heroes Award below.

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    Nominated by: New Beginnings Home Care

    Fiordaliza Almonte

    Fiordaliza is a kind, dedicated, and professional individual. She is responsible, punctual, and hard-working; every day she proves her love and passion in her role. The agency receives nothing but positive feedback from all participants and family members that Fiordaliza has had the pleasure of working with. Fiordaliza is a model caregiver in our agency, and we could not be happier to be able to employee and work alongside such an amazing individual.

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    Nominated by: Health Association of Niagara County Inc (HANCI)

    Carolyn Jones

    Carolyn continually works with our homecare coordinators to pick up shifts so that clients can get the care they need. She always has a smile on her face and has an infectious laugh. Carolyn tirelessly works many hours and has received our own Caring Counts award many times. Every one of her clients benefits from her kind nature and positive, upbeat attitude. She not only has a great rapport with our homecare coordinators, but also with all the nurses and professional staff here at HANCI. Anything that is asked of her, she completes in a timely manner and our nurses have the utmost respect for her. We cannot say enough about Carolyn as she continues to grow throughout her 36 years of being a caregiver for HANCI.

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    Nominated by: Royal Care

    Shirley Hawker

    Over the last 20 years, Shirley’s dedication has shone through in every task she’s undertaken. Her commitment to our organization and the individuals she cares for is truly inspiring. Shirley consistently goes above and beyond to ensure the well-being and comfort of our clients. Her punctuality and reliability have set a standard for us all to follow. Shirley’s compassion is a beacon of light in the lives of those she cares for. Her empathy and kindness provide comfort and solace to individuals during their most vulnerable moments. Her ability to connect with them on a personal level is a gift that brings warmth to their lives and touches our hearts. Shirley maintains the highest standards of conduct, respect, and ethical behavior.

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    Nominated by: Avenues to Independent Living

    Carol Beulah

    Carol has a passion and caring that goes beyond her day-to-day duties. She never calls out and has worked many holidays so her clients could have proper care at their families’ events. She has even accompanied them to family weddings and baseball games, assisting them with both physical and emotional needs. Carol has answered calls from other staff on her personal time and has sat with clients in the hospital for moral support.

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    Nominated by: S & A Unified HomeCare

    Modesta Popovych

    Modesta has shown exceptional dedication and compassion in a uniquely challenging situation. She provides care to a member who battles dementia, a condition that leaves them forgetful and unable to manage their medication. This member has no family, which places Modesta in a role that extends far beyond typical caregiving. Despite the profound challenges, Modesta's commitment shines through. The member recently had a fall, was found on the floor, and consistently refused 911 or any medical assistance. Neighbors frequently express their concerns about the member, making the situation even more complex. Modesta's determination to continue caring for this member is truly exceptional. She refuses to give up, even in the face of adversity. Modesta navigates this challenging situation with grace, even though it's undoubtedly a difficult experience for her. Notably, she has never asked for a replacement, highlighting her selfless dedication to the member's well-being.

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    Nominated by: Royal Home Care

    Elaine Zeigler

    There are not enough words to express the amount of compassion and care this woman has in her body. Elaine is one of the most requested caregivers we have. She is so understanding and takes her time with each and every one of her clients to learn their specific needs. She has gone through some rough patches in her life and still went to work with a smile on her face, as she knew her clients would get her through the day. She is such a vital part of our team – we would be lost without her.

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    nominated by: Nola’s Home Care LLC

    Megan Graham

    Megan has gone above and beyond for any client we’ve assigned to her. Her clients always call into our office to let us know how passionate and helpful she is. They always beg to keep her full time, and we have to explain that her schedule is already completely full because every client loves her dedication to them. We assigned her a client that eventually went on hospice and Megan still drove two hours each day to the facility to see and check on the client, even though she was no longer working for her. She brought her food, clothing, supplies, anything she needed up until the day she passed away. Megan has been promoted to Lead and loves her job. She’s even about to start a Nursing Program to become a Registered Nurse because of her passion for helping others.

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    Nominated by: Community Home Health Care

    Pearleen Smickle

    Pearline is always there for her clients, rain or shine. She never calls out and does an awesome job dealing with difficult clients. Clients adore her calm presence and her ability to multitask multiple chores at once. Pearline goes above and beyond providing clients with exceptional, quality services, never compromising on their care. She has a sterling reputation and is a role model for all our employees. She never ceases to amaze us! Pearline is a very hardworking employee, displays outstanding work ethic, and deserves a standing ovation.

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    nominated by: Loving Care at Home, LLC

    Alicia Dantonio

    Alicia is a very compassionate caregiver. She goes way above and beyond for her clients and agency. She will stay with her clients past her working hours, and will even go to the hospital with them, without expecting to be paid. She works over 50 hours a week and has since she started three years ago. She is raising six children with the help of her mother. Alicia is one of a kind.

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    Nominated by: White Glove

    Irina Beita, RN

    Irina Beita was born in Russia and was orphaned at the young age of 22. She was alone, traveling from place to place with honesty and motivation, and picking up the languages and cultures of each country she lived in. By the time she moved into the United States, she was fluent in four languages, including literacy in Chinese calligraphy. It was hard to adjust to life in America, but her biggest worry was how to support her children. She needed a steady and fulfilling job. Upon a relative’s advice, she sought education in the medical field. Irina began nursing school, and eventually took a job with White Glove. Irina has been working with White Glove for over three years and is recognized by all as an outstanding caregiver. Her patients and their parents are delighted with her compassion, professionalism, and loyalty. As a patient’s mom put it, “We love Irina. This has been the first time in years that I have been able to sleep through the night with complete confidence that my son is getting the best care possible.”

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